1-28-17 | Lake Harris Chain

The Harris Chain of Lakes played host to the Citrus County Bassmasters for our second event of the year on 1/28/17. Post frontal conditions dominated the weather as well as a chain of lakes that had been extremely pressured due to the recently completed B.A.S.S. Southern Open. Neither of those two factors seemed to phase … Read more

12-11-16 | Lake Clermont Chain

The Citrus County Bassmasters opened our 2017 season on the Clermont Chain of Lakes on 12/11/16 under tough post cold front conditions. Partly cloudy skies and a blustery 20 MPH wind greeted everyone to start the year. First place on the boater side of the ledger went to Joe Agnoil who caught 3 fish for … Read more

7-10-16 | Floral City (Lake Duval) Results

Floral City (Lake Duvall) offered some great quality for our club. With 1st place, and the biggest bag of the season so far. Dan Carrigan swept the field with a 24.53lb 5 Bass Limit securing his 1st place victory and a 7.94lb Big Bass on the boater side. 2nd was taken by Chris Kingree with a 14.26lb 5 bass limit. Dave Turner had a 13.53lb limit with a 6.82lb big bass, giving him 3 place for the tournament. On the Co-Angler side, Robert Scott secured his First win weighing 2 bass for 4.45lb and a 2.93 big bass.

6-12-16 | Lake Rousseau Results

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on Lake Rousseau for this event. With light winds and sunshine most of the day, the weights spoke for themselves. Harold Beasley swept the field with a 17.89lb limit anchored with a 5.91lb Big Bass of the tournament. 2nd and 3rd place was only seperated by a couple ounces. Dave Turner filled 2nd with 13.7lb limit and 3rd place was Joe Agnoli with a 13.56lb limit. On the co-angler side Big Bass was secured by Robert Scott with a 5.58lb Rousseau Bass. Victor Lord surprised the scales coming in 1st place with 10.04lb 5 bass limit.